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Louise Winter (1870 - 1968)

was and remains the most important figure in the history of Piestany and spas. Rightly be called a genius.

In 1889 Sandor (Alexander), Winter decided to rent the spa from noble families Erdody and founded Alexander Winter and his sons, General hiring spa business. Challenging start-up caused unexpected financial problems and ill father Sandor. Leadership of the spa was therefore charged only when 20 - year-old son Lajosz (Louis), who was a student in Vienna. The culture, sport and promote the spa old son Armin (Imre). Winter family business in Spa Piešťany lasted half a century. Uncouth provincial spa and a small village turned purposeful and relentless work of a well known spa town.

Sandor Pavillon was built in 1912 under the leadership of Louis Winter as the pavilion for officials within the spa complex Workers' Hospital (lat. Pro Labore). For hospital workers was the first construction work of Winter and their social expression of emotion. It is said that the Hotel Sandor Pavillon walls are factored Winter heart and generosity and wisdom of that time. Sandor Pavillon, which is listed in Piestany city sights as well as Alexander Hall today proudly bears the name of the Father Piešťany Spa - Sandora Wintera.

Hotel Sandor Pavillon


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