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Slovak republic with an area of 49,035 square kilometres 49 035 km² and more than 5,726,600 inhabitants is situated in Central Europe. Its capital Bratislava has more than 426,000 inhabitants. The town Piešťany as more than 30,000 inhabitants. The lowest Slovak point is at the river Bodrog (95 m above sea level) and the highest one is the mountain Gerlach (2655 above sea level) in High Tatras. Territory of the Slovak Republic is located in temperate climatic zone, characterized with typical rotation of four seasons.

Very important Slovak river is Danube, connecting Slovakia with Vienna, Rhine-Mohan Channel and harbours of the Black Sea. The longest Slovak river is Váh (403 km), flowing through the town Piešťany. In Slovakia the lakes exist mostly in the mountains. The term "artificial reservoir" includes the ponds, water reservoirs built for the purposes of mining and energy production (the largest of them is Oravská vodná nádrž, the largest hydro-engineering structure is Gabčíkovo, built at Danube river.

Slovakia has a lot of mineral and thermal springs; especially the ones with medicinal effects are utilised. In Slovakia there are 23 spa towns and facilities providing SPA services. World-wide well-known are Piešťany, Trenčianske Teplice and Bardejov. In Slovakia there are 3,200 registered caves - the largest of them is Demänovská jaskyňa; biggest stalagmite in the world is located in Krásnohorská jaskyňa - 32.7 m.

Slovak national parks High Tatras, Pieniny, Low Tatras, Slovenský raj, Malá Fatra are well-known. Slovakia is situated at natural crossing of the trade routes; its location is important also for Sandor Pavillon hotel. The following localities in the territory of Slovakia was included to UNESCO natural and cultural heritage list: historic town reservation Banská Štiavnica, National Historic Landmark Spišský hrad with its surroundings, Spišská kapitula and Žehra, open air museum of folk architecture Vlkolínec and cave system in locality Slovenský kras.

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